Jim Knox - UX Designer

Jim Knox - UX Designer


Hi I'm Jim, a UX designer based in London. I work in user experience for XR, Projection Mapping & Compositing video technology for the live experience industry.

My Background

The year 2000, A-level Media Studies, I first got my hands on the Apple I-Mac G3. This crazy alien UFO was out of this world and my family PC back home was firmly back on earth. Apple's marketing ploys worked, it was punk, I wanted to be punk; I knew I wanted to work with this technology every day!

I went to Film School, moved to London and started a career as a video editor. I worked for ITV, Zone and Sony Pictures Television working in technical and creative roles creating a range of content. As I expanded my skills in digital animation I became interested in other aspects of design including UX.

I took a course with the The UX Playground and over a year re-purposed my skills through a user experience lens and learned the ropes of human centered design.

In 2018 I started my career as the sole UX designer with Disguise. During my time here I have worked to improving the user experience of their Designer software interface (a niche 3D projection mapping software; allowing users to pre-visualise how their video content will look on stage). Our UX team has grown and since then I have been an integrel part of the products development as it became the premiere XR extended reality tool for film and broadcast & installations.

Looking for my Resume, its right here!

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My UX Toolkit

My Toolkit

RequirementsSolutionsTechnical BuildPost Build
Wireframes (Balsamiq)
Implementation Oversight
Usability Testing
User Interviews
Hi Defintion Comps (Sketch, Figma)
Style Guide
Prototyping (Sketch, Figma, Invision)
Design Specifications
Heuristic Analysis
Usability Testing
Competitor Analysis
Information Architecture
User Testing Scenario Design
User Flow Diagrams
User Testing
Digital Animation (After Effects)
Qualitative/Quantative Data Analysis
Video Editing (Premiere)
Data Visualisation
Design Sprints

My Work

Case Studies